I am a Canadian from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, only a few miles from Niagara Falls, and am now living in Green Forest, AR, in the heart of the beautiful Ozark Mountains.

I live on a small farm, and we have a flock of about 60 chickens, 1 pot bellied pig, and over 20 goats. I hand milk a couple of the goats and make Feta cheese, yogurt, butter and ice cream from the goat milk. We had raised laying chickens for Tysons until 4 years ago, and now one of the old chicken houses contains the animal pens, as well as a greenhouse. We took a 50 foot stretch of the tin roof off and replaced it with a clear rigid roof to allow light into the greenhouse. We have an aquaponic setup in our greenhouse instead of tradtional dirt beds. We have a mixture of gravel and dirt (wicking method) in large pots inside each bed, which is about 2 feet off the floor.  The water circulates from a 1000 gallon fish "pond" which is a large tank, through the beds, drains into a sump tank, and is pumped back to the ponds at the opposite end with a sump pump.

I dabble with watercolor and acrylic painting from time to time, but have found a passion in creating one-of-a-kind, hand crafted jewelry, which has become my main focus.  David works alongside me mainly with unique, hand hammered copper creations.  I hope you enjoy viewing the one-of-a-kind jewelry we create.  We are more than happy to accept commission work, so please contact us if our style of creations appeals to you, but you would like to add a personalized element to the piece.  We will do our utmost to accommodate your specific needs.